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I currently offer a small range of talks but they can all be adapted for various audiences, both birders and non-birders. I can travel across the Scottish Highlands. Costs are £60 plus £0.20 per mile travelling expenses. Please use the "Contact" page to get in touch!

A Natural Obsession


One of the questions I get asked most often is "how did you get into birding/nature/photography?". This talk addresses that question, charting my beginnings as a casual birdwatcher to becoming a twitcher, right through to my burgeoning interest in all other wildlife.

This talk is ideal for non-birders or people who have a passing interest in the natural world. It can also be adapted for more experienced birders or wildlife enthusiasts.

The Gambia - The Smiling Coast of Africa

31.Senegal Thick-knee.jpg


The west African country of The Gambia is a well-known bird-watching destination but has a fascinating culture. The time I spent there was mainly around the coastal areas, not too far from the capital, Banjul but I also spent 4 nights up-river at Tendaba. In this talk I'll will take you through not just the birds but also reptiles, butterflies, other insects and scenery. I'll also give you an idea of the culture and how the local people live.

British Columbia

16.Steller's Jay1.jpg


British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada. This talk covers the southern part of the area and is in two parts - the mainland and Vancouver Island. With magnificent scenery and fascinating wildlife this is a fabulous tour covering coasts, mountains, forests and semi-deserts.

Suitable for any audience.

A Lister's Year



Birders can generally be split into two categories - those who keep lists and those who don't! One of the most common (and competitive!) lists to keep is a year list.

This talk charts my biggest year to date - 2016 - in which I saw 274 species. I'll also talk through some hints & tips on how to maximise your annual birding.

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